Native American Heritage Month


November is Native American Heritage Month, a special time for the American Indian College Fund. We get to share knowledge of our history and our culture; what shaped us to be who we are today and how we are moving into the future.
And when you learn more about our culture and heritage, you carry that knowledge inside you and it’s yours to share with others. And when we connect more with our past, we’re able to create a stronger path to our future. That’s why access to education is so vital to our community. Only 14% of American Indians have a bachelor’s degree. That’s less than half the national average!
This November, you can do something special to help us close that gap forever. Create your own online fundraiser and let your network of family, friends, and colleagues know you believe in the power of education!
Your support helps Native students gain access to education that will forever change lives. Our scholars are in the field of science and technology, literature and cultural preservation, nutrition and sustainability, and much, much more.
This Native American Heritage Month, do something special for indigenous people. Help our scholars get the education they dream of. Get to know who we are and what we dream of; learn about what drives us and what inspires us. Carry our dreams and hopes with you and help keep them alive. For more information about our scholars, visit